What Heath Issues Does Fleas Cause To Your Cat

Several options are there for protecting our cats from parasites and disease. But fleas are a major cause of concern when it comes to the disease-causing agents among cats. The skin of the cats is soft, flurry and short hairs give effective ventilation to the fleas, which opt their skin as the perfect home for living. The warmth of the skin of the cat makes it more suitable for their breeding. The fleas cause several problems in cats. Revolution for cats is used to omit the growth of larva on the cat’s skin and keep it protected.

Let’s have a look at the issues caused by the fleas to the cats.

Infection – The most common issue emerging from fleas hiding inside your pet, especially cat, is the infection. But how? Simply, when a flea is on the cat i.e. irritating the cat, it may be swallowed by the cat. If the flea has a tapeworm, it can be transmitted to the cat which can ultimately cause anaemia in the cat. This may lead to internal complications and medical assistance in deeply preferred for it.

Itching and Irritation – It is generally caused when the flea wanders on the cat, which causes irritation and when flea bites the cat on the skin, the saliva of the flea causes sores and scraps on her skin, which may cause constant irritation to her on the same spot responding to which, the cat scratches the skin at the same place leading to itching.

FAD – Sometimes cats being hypersensitive to the saliva of the flea, on biting causes Flea Allergic Dermatitis. When fleas bit the cat, the immune response of the cat is activated which causes intense itching and irritation and can cause hair fall at certain places in the cat.

Bartonella Henslee, a threat – The poop of flea can cause Bartonella Henslee which causes  Bartonellosis. When the fleas are over the skin of your cat, they will feed and poop over her skin. The cat may get eye infection, mouth and gum disease or can affect the heart. The bacteria replicate in the cat and can be dangerous to the cat. So, it needs consistent precautions and care of your cat.

The fleas are all-weather problems and can’t be eradicated completely. So it is preferred to take precautions and care of your pet. The disease and problems can also get transmitted to the humans which is another problem emerging out of it. The fleas get the perfect place to live on the skin of the cats hence you need to take care of your cat using products preferred by the veterinary doctor.

Being close to the owner, it has prominent chances of the owner getting infected with the disease with the cat being a mediator. So if you take care of your pet, it will ultimately benefit your cat and you as well. Get a product that cleanses the skin of the cat effectively and provides defense from the flea infection and subsequent breeding of fleas.