What do you do with the wholesale school backpack surplus?

Most parents know that there is huge savings in ordering the backpacks from a wholesale backpacks store. However despite that they are discouraged to go ahead with the wholesalers. Why do people hesitate to make use of the wholesalers when sourcing their back to school supplies?

If you order from a retailer you will be able to order just one or two backpacks or as many backpacks you need. This may not be possible when you go ahead with a wholesale backpack store. The reason being that you need to meet the minimum order quantity of the suppliers. Only when you order at least one full case of backpacks wholesale stores would sell to you. They will not engage in retail sales as it would be against their business model.

If you are ordering your backpacks from a wholesaler meeting the minimum order requirement, you will be left with 20+ backpacks even after using whatever you need for your own kids. The remaining backpacks could be stored safely for all your future needs. For the next few years you are not required to order the backpacks. This will help you save 90% on the retail costs and also a lot of time that you would have otherwise spent in sourcing the backpacks in the future. There is another hidden advantage. You will not have to worry about price hikes in the coming years. Whatever you pay this year holds good for you for the next few years. You will be able to source your backpacks for as low as $2.75 per backpack. This is going to bring close to 90% on the total cost.

If you do not want to store the school supplies for a long time you could sell it at a good price. Many parents would like to buy from you because they do not have to wait for their orders to be delivered. They would prefer cash and carry. Moreover, they will also be able to directly check the quality of the backpacks because with online shopping you cannot get to experience the touch and feel of the backpacks. You are in fact going one step ahead from just saving on the backpacks to making money from the surplus backpacks that you are likely to have when you source from your wholesaler. This is such a lucrative way to source your backpacks. Do not hesitate even for a single moment. You will be able to source all the backpacks from the wholesalers and instead of just going for one case you could go for more if you have the initial capital to invest during the back to school season.

There are many trustworthy companies in the industry that you could consider for ordering your wholesale backpacks. There are many ways to make use of the surplus backpacks you will have when you order in bulk quantities. It is therefore worth investing your money on wholesale school supplies.