Skins on knives with Skinsmarket

The category of knives is the rarest; the chance of skin falling out in cases is negligible. You can always buy any skin on Skinsmarket. Interestingly, the price of different knives can vary greatly. For example, skin African mesh (for any type of knives) costs about 3000 rubles, while on some exchanges the knife StatTrak M9 Bayonet | Crimson Web (straight from the factory) reaches a cost of 700 thousand rubles. There are cases when knives cost more than a million rubles. The price also depends on how the pattern will lie on the surface of the knife. For example, the skin gradient changes from blue-black to gold. If a player gets a drawing, where mostly there will be a dark color, then he will have much more luck than the person who will receive a lighter shade. This happens because in the original picture the dark area is much smaller than the light one. Consequently, the darker the skin “gradient”, the more expensive it will be. You can earn money by selling skins on Skinsmarket.

The most expensive weapon in CS: GO

Rare skin in the game – AWP | Dragon Lore. This skin is worth 126,000 rubles on the Steam marketplace. It is obtained using contracts – the merger of 10 skins, which are rarely lower than the resulting object. But, however, there is the most rare and expensive skin “Souvenir AWP | Dragon Lore”. Get it from the souvenir boxes of the Cobblestone card during major tournaments in this game. The price of this skin on the exchanges can reach 1 260 000 rubles. There are only a couple of dozen people who received this skin.

Unlicensed CS: GO

If the player has a strong desire to play with the skin for weapons that he does not have, then he can download the package of add-ons CS: GO No Steam with all the weapons. Nevertheless, a gamer should be perfectly aware that a game tied to Steam would recognize it as a cheater. Therefore, he needs to untie the game from the platform or download the finished version of CS: GO on any of the torrent sites. After that, you will have the opportunity to have all the skins in the game.

There is a more legal way to not resort to “piracy”. The game has a built-in server community feature. Here you can find servers that have been created by the “community”. Almost on each of them, in the interactive menu, you can select any skin from the list downloaded to the server. But, however, this is the usual “drawing” of weapons on a particular server. This method does not work to earn and get skins on Steam, as the server administrator does not have the privileges and ability to distribute skins.

Assemblies that you may stumble upon while searching for skins may have new unofficial weapons. The creators of CS: GO builds specifically do this to attract an audience. If you want to play legally with rare skins, then visit the Skinsmarket store.

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