PRP Shots vs Dermal Fillers for Penis Enhancement

When it comes to enhancing penis size with injectable treatments, there are two main options to choose from: PRP shots and dermal fillers.

But which option is the most effective?

Enhancing Penis Size with Fillers

Dermal fillers have become a popular option in countries across the globe because they are safe and effective.

Fillers are made up of hyaluronic acid, a substance that can already be found in the body. Using a fine needle, your doctor will inject the filler into the shaft of your penis in order to add more girth. Results are instant and will last for 18 months. If for any reason you aren’t happy with your results, a dissolving enzyme can be used to reverse the procedure, which is an added bonus.

If you’re interested in penis enlargement in Sydney but don’t want to have to deal with the incisions, sutures and painful recovery associated with surgery, fillers are definitely an option to explore.

Enhancing Penis Size with PRP Therapy

PRP therapy, or platelet-rich plasma therapy, is another option for men looking to enhance the size of their penis.

PRP therapy is designed to provide results over the long term, which is why you won’t see a noticeable difference directly after treatment. During your treatment, a small amount of your blood will be withdrawn and placed in a centrifuge. Once the blood has been separated, the plasma will be injected into the shaft and the glans.

This nutrient-rich plasma increases the production of collagen, which improves the condition of your penis, allowing you to improve your experience in the bedroom.

In many cases, it’s actually beneficial to combine both fillers and PRP shots so that you’re addressing the size and the function of your penis.

Questions to Ask Your Doctor

Before you undergo either of these procedures, there are a few important questions that you should ask your doctor:

  • What are your qualifications and what training have you received to perform this procedure?
  • What filler product will you be using?
  • Are the results reversible?

Remember that you should ask as many questions as you need to feel comfortable about the procedure and with your doctor.

Both of these treatments are really quick and you can expect to be done in about an hour. You will be able to return to work after your treatment but your doctor will give you specific aftercare instructions to ensure that you see the best results.

Not just anyone should be administering these treatments though, so it’s really important to do your research before you go ahead. Don’t select a clinic that’s making bold claims or guarantees as this usually isn’t a good sign.

Understanding the Warning Signs

Since side effects are always a possibility, here are a few signs that it’s time to go back to your doctor:

  • You’re experiencing pain and swelling
  • Your skin has become discoloured
  • You’re experiencing decreases functionality

If you notice anything out of the ordinary, get in touch with a medical professional as soon as you can.