Potential Ill Effects Of Poor Garbage Collection On The Health Of Communities

It is a sad but common misconception of people to think that once their garbage is outside of their home, it is no longer their problem. Waste that is left on the curb of too long can greatly affect the health a community which is why it is important to adhere to strict waste collection route planning and collecting. Although the planning or the route is up to the community committee members, everyone in the neighborhood is expected to participate.

If waste is not properly disposed of, these are the following ill-effects garbage can have on the entire community:

#1 – The Increase Of Pests

When trash is not disposed of and collected in a timely manner, it becomes a feast for pests like rats and raccoons. These pests will start to rely on the garbage as their main source of food and will begin to multiply within the neighborhood. Not only are they gross to see skittering in the community, but they can also be carriers of dangerous diseases that can spread all over the neighborhood.

Pests can also bite, scratch, or cause harm to unsuspecting people which can lead to an outbreak of rabies. These dangerous can be avoided by following the waste collection route planning and schedule set within the community.

#2 – Hazardous Waste Lead To Injuries

Construction materials like nails and sharp metals are very dangerous within the neighborhood if they are not disposed of properly. Other hazardous waste like broken bottles can also cause injuries. Hazardous waste should not be allowed to sit in the curb for longer than a few hours. If unsure of the collection time for these types of garbage residents can always deposit the waste themselves or inquire about the collection schedule before putting the items out for disposal.

#3 – Land And Water Contamination

Garbage that isn’t properly disposed of can rot and leak into the ground and seep into a nearby water source. Although a toxic contamination can only happen when the amount of garbage reaches a very extreme amount, it is still ill-advised to dispose of waste near water sources. Other instances can lead to harmful chemicals contaminating the soil beneath it which can cause structural damage at the very least.

#4 – Overpowering Smell

An overflowing garbage bin that has been sitting out for days is more than enough to cause an immediate negative reaction. A poorly planned garbage collection route can lead to overfilling of dumpsters where the waste can sit for days and develop an overpowering smell. While there isn’t any immediate negative effect on the health of the community, the lingering smell of old garbage will harm the reputation of the neighborhood.

Follow The Collection Schedule

After establishing a garbage collection route it is on the hands of every citizen to follow the rules. Even with an excellent schedule in place, when one resident refuses to follow, the entire community will suffer. Enforce the rules by setting penalties that will make people double think about disposing of waste improperly.

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