Is Dropping a Year For JEE a Good Option

Most of the students have the same dilemma, can they prepare for board exams and JEE Main simultaneously.  Preparing for the JEE entrance exam is a very essential process as it decides the student’s career path and creates the foundation for their future. Most of them take a decision to drop a year and prepare for their JEE Main, because they think it is the toughest exam and require more time to prepare and score good marks.

Generally, students are confused about how to prepare for both the exams at the same time. Here are few tips and strategies used in preparing for JEE 2019.

  • Before starting with the JEE Exam preparations, collect all the relevant information from the respective official websites including exam timetable and the updated syllabus.

  • Start your preparations from collecting all the reference study materials, model papers, and sample papers.

  • Prepare an effective study plan as it helps in completing the syllabus on time.

  • Go through the lecture notes, glossary and important points taught in the coaching centers.

  • Have a quick glance on tips, guidelines, and shortcuts given by your lectures. Take an advice from your seniors and toppers.

  • Practice more questions from JEE Mains 2017 question paper and other previous year question papers as it gives an idea of questions paper pattern.

  • Try to cover the complete syllabus by dividing the notes into several parts, which helps in completing syllabus in a very short time period.
  • Stay away from all sorts of distractions, and have positive thoughts on the exam and concentrate more towards the studies.

These were a few important tips and strategies used in preparing for JEE 2019. Dropping a year for the JEE mains exam preparation depends on the student’s capability. To know more in detail about the preparation tips and strategies for JEE Main 2019, students can visit our BYJU’S website and also watch interactive video lessons on various math and science-related topics by subscribing to the BYJU’S YouTube Channel.