How to Set Up Business Account for Instagram?

First of all, if you want to make a brand of your product in Instagram, you should make a separate account of your business; you shouldn’t use your personal Instagram page as your business page.

You got to separate yourself from your business in the sense that audiences make a business successful in Instagram, it’s about you. Your selfies from Eiffel Tower or selfies from Honolulu beaches, etc., should stay personal on your personal account. These things don’t matter your customer unless you are promoting your tourism company. The thing is that the less you appear on your brand’s page, the better.

So, how do you optimize your brand’s Instagram for the inclusion of more customers?

You should link your company’s website to your Instagram account, and you only got one way to do it directly. The place is the bio of your account. In your bio put the link of your website just under your name and description, it is situated at the top of the Instagram page. So, don’t forget to put the link of your company which will guide your potential customers to buy your product or service.

Make Constant Regular Posts to Stay Recognizable

If you can’t make the presence of your brand felt, all the Instagramming you are doing won’t help you much. You got to stay recognizable. Across all your social media, choose a name for your account which suits with your business.

Your profile picture should be consistent. You all posts, engagements, and interactions will always be accompanied by the thumbnail of the picture you uploaded in your profile. Ensure that it is easily recognizable and different.

Make your Audiences Get Engaged with your Bio

Before people start following you after liking your post, they will go in your profile and check on you. Make a catchy and informative bio. Make them believe through your profile that you are worth to be followed.

Your business name should be added there, and also you will need to put an attractive description in 200 characters.

It should be interesting and light. Avoid using sales type tone in your description. Remember the culture of Instagram is different from other social media as well as online shops. Make your bio such that it convinces your targeted audience.

You intend to earn free Instagram likes and engagements from your target audience. Keywords and hashtags can’t help you out as they are not searchable.  So, bio is an all different type of business.