How the History of The Internet Affects Today’s Biggest Tech Companies

There are so many things that relate to the internet and technology. Web application vulnerability scanners may not be a familiar term. These are merely automatic scanners that scan information on the internet. So much data process is every millisecond on the internet. Thus, these happens to be very resourceful tools for internet and technology gurus.

We check social media. Send an email. Google a question. Pay bills. And many other tasks are completed on digital devices that are connected to the internet. We do not think about all the details that have been poured into one of man’s greatest inventions. Instead, we go about our day focused on what we need to complete which in many cases would be impossible without the internet.

In 1969, four universities were connected for the first time online. In 1972, e-mail is introduced to the world. A year late certain protocols are developed that allow for computers to communicate with each other. In 1976, the politics start to dabble around with the internet for campaign purposes. By the time the eighties had come, the word ‘internet’ was starting to be used. The 1980s also gave birth to domain names like .com and .org. This decade also saw the first usage of the world cyberspace. Nearing the end of the decades, ten percent of internet servers are shut down to a virus. By 1989, the World Wide Web is launched. In the mid-1990s, the White House debuts its first website. By 1996, forty-five million people are regular users of the internet. In 1998, Google is launched. At the end of the millennium, ecommerce is first used as online shopping gets some buzz. In 2003, spam is introduced to the world. YouTube launches in 2005. A year later there are ninety-two million websites around the world.

Technology powerhouses like Facebook, Microsoft and Google exist today because of discoveries that were made starting in the late 1960s. The journey of the internet and technology has been incredibly long. But these developments that were made have allowed certain tech companies to transform the world. Without the formation being laid, there is no way these tech companies would multi-billion-dollar institutions that are the most valuable brands on the planet.

Apple is the wealthiest company on earth. It has created so many technologies that affect the music industry, television industry and other hardware industries. Google is the largest search engine company in the world. Without the past contributions, Google would have no platform to use. Microsoft has been extremely impactful. Millions of people use computers and laptops that run off of this company’s software on a daily basis. About one billion people have created Facebook profiles making it the number one social media platform on earth.

Not much thought is take into consideration about the timeline of the internet. But it has become a long way since its creation. As time goes on, it is sure the internet will rapidly develop beyond our wildest imaginations.