How mechanical extraction method is helpful while using oil expellers?

Well, different methods are applied for taking out oil from the oil seeds. Two important methods are mechanical and chemical process.

Mechanical method v/s chemical method

Undoubtedly, oil extraction process is done with the mechanical method but sometimes chemical extraction is equally followed. Chemical process uses a solvent that help in removing oil from the seed. Mechanical procedure cannot perform this step alone. Chemical methods are little bit expensive than mechanical method. If we talk about the mechanical extraction then sufficient force is applied on the seed in the form of high pressure so that oil can comes out from the seed easily.

Modern oil expellers

Nowadays modern oil expeller or oil extraction machinery is available that are importantly responsible for the continuous extraction of oil. It has six imperative components such as worm shaft, cage bars, and transmission of motor and loading system. These all components raise the pressure on the seed for taking out the oil. Check the temperature it should be highly maintained for better yield of the oil. Kind of seed, pretreatment of seeds, temperature is the efficiencies required especially for extraction.

Merits and demerits of mechanical extraction

Pure mechanical extraction has both advantages as well as disadvantages. Advantages are the low investment and easy operation. The disadvantages are high power and lower yield is required.

Equipments needed

Apart from cleaning, some seeds need additional preparation like seeds of soya bean. It is the responsibility of a person to recognize the oil seeds first, then decide what kind of equipments are needed according to the seed. Normally the small presses have worm screw whereas presses used for commercial purposes have well designed screw.

Vital things

There are some things that you should consider before buying oil expeller machines. Firstly, see how much stock you have to put into the machines every year. Secondly, for how many days you want to run oil expeller machines if it is daily or not. Capacity of the press material can be calculated by noting down twenty hours processing. Those who want to use the machines day and night then they have to adjust with the machines capacity.

Some questions can arise in your mind

You may have some questions about the machines like what kind of stock machine can handle. How much percentage of oil machines can extract? Last but not the least how much tons machine can process in a day?

So the answers to all these questions are that, it differs according to the type of the material to be extracted.

The best manufacturers usually deal in commercial as well as food grade equipment. Every company provides machines with different models, sizes and features. No doubt these days price of steel and energy is increasing so there can be chances of same trend to be continue in coming days. Therefore, you research well before investing money on equipments.