5 Tips to Help You Create an Organized Life

Disorganization is a test to person’s well-being. Studies reveal that when life falls into “disarray,” the body’s natural fight or flight response is activated. At the activation of this response, stress hormones are also released.

High levels of adrenaline and cortisol actually enable people to push their bodies to the limit so a sense of control and order is restored. However, when the body frequently has high levels of these stress hormones, the autoimmune system suffers. Along with this, the stress created by disorganization can make sleep difficult for you, and this can greatly impact your mental health.

So, if you want to really put your life back in order, one of the most important things to do is to tackle physical and mental disorganization head on. In doing so, all the other issues that prevent you from having a healthy life will be so much easier to address one by one.

To help you create an organized life, listed below are five of the easiest tips to follow.

1. Start off by making organization a 30-day challenge.

The secret to the success of the 30-day challenges is most people see a month as a long enough yet not an unbearably long period to deliberately implement changes.

Additionally, it is easy to assign one change for “organization” each day that you can successfully accomplish.

And lastly, lifestyle experts say that in 30 days, you can get used to certain practices and form them into habits. Therefore, make your life organization initiative a 30-day challenge.

2. Do not do it alone.

Make your life transformation easier by employing “helping hands.” Just because you want to be more organized does not mean that other aspects of your life will flow just like that in support of your goal. You may still be asked to work overtime to meet deadlines or your spouse may still be too busy to help out with the chores that really need to be taken care of.

Therefore, hire help for those responsibilities that you personally cannot cover. Book babysitter or nanny services to take care of the kids for those days when you have to work longer hours. Or hire deep cleaning services to declutter and tidy up your home that weekend when you can’t because you really need to spend time with your children.

Banish the stress and save your sanity by getting the right people to help you out with a few responsibilities. There’s no shame in doing this because everybody needs help sometimes.

3. Identify aspects of your current lifestyle that are not necessary.

These can be things or activities that add more to your concerns.

For example, if you are a parent and you have children taking lessons, discuss with your family the extra-curricular activities that are just time-eaters for the little ones. Consider taking them out of those classes temporarily if they do not particularly enjoy or benefit from them.

When it comes to things, those that are nothing but clutter should be disposed of. Old and broken toys, passé decor, receipts, old magazines — all these are unnecessary and just gather dust at home. Take the time to finally get rid of them so you can free up some space at home and also shorten your cleanup time.

4. Create a management station at home.

Put up a board where all the things that you have to do are listed down as well as everybody’s schedule for the week and weekly menu. This will provide you with a visual representation of all the things that you need to consider to properly manage your time and even your finances.

Your “management” station will take out any guesswork and help you create thoroughly productive days with enough time for rest and recreation.

5. Make your phone your organization buddy.

Today’s smartphones are perfect for people who want to organize their life. There are numerous apps to help you keep track of tasks by notifying you about when things are due. There also budgeting apps to help you curb your spending, as well as deal finders to help you stay within your established budget and even save you money.

If your phone comes with an unlimited Internet package, you can use even more apps to help you go about your day in a more deliberate and orderly manner.

Coping with life well is not easy. Thus, it is imperative to be deliberate about it. Deal with disarray by planning to organize your lifestyle and implement your plans. When you do so, you will not only feel better about yourself but also with every new day that comes.

Erum Rizvi is co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer at a new startup venture, FixonClick, which is a service & customer connector app and web-based portal. Born and raised in the UAE, Erum as a tech devotee has more than 13 years of experience in leading strategic wins in Business Management and Channel Development with MNCs like Cisco, Microsoft, and Techdata.