5 Amazing Tips to Make Easel Painting Fun and Easy for Your Baby

Drawing and painting are certainly effective media for children to express themselves. And when you introduce colours to them, you are surprised with the art they create.

In such a situation, you would like to encourage the spark of art in them and it’s best to bring them an easel for this. You can get a variety of them in a store like Tiny Tiny Shop Shop or other toy shop near you.

Image Courtesy: tinytinyshopshop.com.au

An easel can make drawing and painting easy for children. To make it still easier and develop their hobby further, here are a few tips.

1. Cut out Pencils and Erasers

This may sound rude; but the reason behind this is purely realistic. Since small pencils encourage small drawings, a kindergartener may get frustrated when he wants to paint that drawing.

Remember how you found it frustrating painting small eyes during your babyhood?

Eraser is the next no-no. When it’s at hand, it’s hard to resist the temptation of erasing what is previously drawn to draw something better and the whole time of the child is spent in erasing.

Instead, markers and/or oil pastels are more convenient because they allow your little artist to draw and paint quickly and easily, and neglect “mistakes”.

It’s important for children to learn to continue drawing and painting without worrying too much about details.

2. Develop a Habit of Mixing Paint on Paper Rather Than on Palettes

Another time-consuming process is to mix paints on palettes to find the perfect mixtures. When you shop toddler easel at Tiny Tiny Shop Shop, encourage them to mix the colours on the paper itself instead.

3. Allow Them to Make Mistakes and Have Fun

Let your child understand that even mistakes can result in beautiful fun drawings. If she wants you to give a topic, demonstrate multiple examples to her, some realistic and some silly and comic.

This way, she will learn to avoid trying to draw a picture perfectly and will be more interested in drawing funny versions of people, animals and things, and will enjoy it.

Can a crab be purple? But if you allow your child to paint a crab in purple, she’ll learn to draw cartoons and will find the real fun in drawing and painting.

Image Courtesy: tinytinyshopshop.com.au

4. Outlining can Make the Picture Look Neat

Outlining not only indicates that the art project is complete, but also makes the final picture look more organised.

This is because it makes the picture pop and nullifies mistakes. It also makes the difference very clear between two sections with almost the same colour.

Give your child waterproof black marker or black paint and a small brush to allow him to draw a neat outline. He will be happy and feel proud because of the neatness in the picture.

5. Allow the Child to Choose a Subject

Instead of giving the child a subject, let her choose it on her own.

So, if she wants to draw your picture, or of her teacher, or about the fight she saw on a street, or anything else she has on her mind, let her catch into her picture.

All these tips will allow your baby to make full use of his easel and discover the joy of art.