10 Ways To Combine Print And Digital Media For Effective Marketing

The print media has been a major support for the business community, as they can easily print out their advertisements in the newspapers and magazines for brand marketing. Many companies also spend lots of money on brochure printing and creating flyers for effective marketing of their products or services. However, the digital business has opened a new line of marketing for the commercial companies. Therefore, modern companies have adopted some effective ways of combining both print and digital media for availing the maximum benefits of marketing in both media together.

Few successful ways of using print and digital media together

  • Simultaneous use of QR code and URL

    Now every company has own two-dimensional barcode called Quick Response or QR code and personalized URL that act as identifying factors that the consumers may like to check before buying the products. The customers can scan the QR code through their smartphones and go through the website by putting in the URL on the address bar.

  • Use of social media data in print marketing –

    The marketing executives receive a huge database of potential customers from the social media pages of the company. They can use this data to send printed leaflets and brochures for marketing campaigns.

  • Effective use of printing on social media
    The companies include their social media pages, website URLs and email ids in banners, roll up standees and brochure printing, thus directing more traffic for e-commerce.
  • Get direct feedback from customers

    The consumers are regularly contacted for feedback on company products and services, through both digital platform and physical market survey. The consumers may be lured with incentives of printed goods or online competitions, for seeking their valuable feedbacks on social media or websites.

  • Offer of printed materials through emails The potential customers are sent emails or online notifications with the offers of various printed materials, like cards, banners or roll up standees that are used as commercial décor items.
  • Brand promotion with printed gifts online

    The potential customers are offered various gifts online, like coffee mugs, T-shirts, bags, pens or wristbands with the company details artistically printed on them. All these gifts are intended for better brand promotion in the market.

  • Digitally personalization of printed things – The print media now make use of digital apps and graphic designs, for personalizing the printed materials for commercial marketing. People are sent letters or greeting cards that bear embossed company logos and other details by direct mail for physical engagement.
  • Scans of printed forms on digital apps
    There are special apps on smartphones now that can scan and take up the details from the printed materials, like brochures, flyers and banners. These details direct consumers to visit the websites of the company for more information.
  • Effective CTAs for getting more consumers

    Call to Action or CTA is a useful tool for interacting with the consumers. So this CTA on other popular webpage can drive the traffic to the company website. CTAs can also be included while brochure printing and even on the banners or roll up standees on crowded public places.

  • Coordinated strategies among all departments – Now both digital and printed marketing divisions unite to take up common strategies that will be useful for the company’s brand promotion in both media, thus increasing the sales eventually.

Advantages of using print and digital media for marketing purposes

  • The combination of both print and digital marketing helps in reaching millions of people, which is much more than can be achieved by any particular medium.
  • The interactions with the consumers have become easier by using both digital platforms and printed marketing techniques.
  • The budgets for marketing can be reduced with the inclusion of digital medium, which is mostly free of cost.

Hence, now all the companies use both digital and printed media together for marketing of their products and also for brand promotion.