Things for the Summer that You can Learn

The days are longer, the evenings warmer and the sun calms the mind: Finally, the summer is here! We’ve put together nine things you can learn on YouTube for the best season, that’s if you don’t aim to visit the best summer camps in New England.

YouTube tutorials are well-known, popular (okay, except for a few “beauty palaces” where ghosts divide), and most of them have been looking for a tutorial to learn in the shortest time. Here is a selection for the summer:

Make Iced Tea

Ice tea is available today in addition to the classic varieties of peach and lemon in countless other variants – the determining factor, in the end, is the personal taste. The refreshment drink is simple in the production, with own production one avoids also sugared taste and annoying colors and additives.


Juggling has been practiced for ages – given the materials required; it only takes three round objects in the simplest case. Of course, one can expand the art of juggling, whether by using more than three balls or by using other objects – such as clubs, rings or other things.

Make Your Summer Lip Balm

Lip balm can be timeless, both in summer and in winter it works against dry, brittle lips. In-house production escapes – as in the production of iced tea – additives, preservatives, and dyes. The production of your lip balm is not rocket science.

Make Batik Shirt

If you need a new t-shirt but do not feel like shopping, batik could be just the thing. The textile dyeing process originating from Indonesia always provides for an individual pattern, which, like the color, can be selected by yourself. The necessary color is available in most drugstores.


Barbecuing with friends in the evening, for many a relaxed idea of the evening. Since one-way grills are ecologically anything but advantageous and in the long term not cost-effective it is better to hit the coal grill.

Light Campfire

First of all, a campfire is not allowed everywhere. And also, for safety reasons you should not light campfires everywhere. Reports of forest fires due to out-of-control campfires abound. A controlled fire in the evening in a sociable round can be very relaxing.