The Amazing Benefits of Natural Progesterone Creams  

Most people associate the hormone progesterone with pregnancy. However, the hormone benefits the body in numerous ways, making it necessary for both men and women. As we advance in age, the level of progesterone declines gradually, allowing estrogen to exercise control. Since this situation can result in negative health symptoms, people seek to boost progesterone levels through a number of ways. If you are to make sure that the method you use is safe, you should consider going for natural products such as Proferiadermal progesterone.

Help in managing weight
Weight gain is one of the most visible PMS symptoms, caused by a lack of hormonal balance. Natural progesterone creams are diuretic in nature and will treat water retention. This helps in weight loss, a factor that makes it easier for women to manage body weight.

Reduced chances of breast cancer
Today, a good number of people become desperate when seeking to maintain their hormone levels in the normal range. There are those who use synthetic progesterone to boost the levels of this hormone without familiarizing themselves with the associated risks. Unlike synthetic progesterone that has been linked to breast cancer, natural creams are safe and effective. In fact, doctors recommend natural products since they are largely similar to natural progesterone.

Treating vaginal dryness
Women who have reached menopause will experience symptoms such as vaginal dryness, a situation occasioned by a drop of the hormones known to stimulate the production of vaginal secretions. Vaginal dryness can cause discomfort and increase the risk of infections. The good news is that using natural progesterone creams and observing a healthy diet can help in treating this condition.

Fighting acne
A natural balance of progesterone and estrogen reduces the levels of Dihydrotestosterone in the skin, thereby helping to prevent acne. Natural progesterone creams help to restore this balance to the normal range. This means that dermal progesterone can be a good option for anyone looking to fight acne. However, it would be important to consult your doctor before buying and using the cream.

Preserving bone density
People with low progesterone levels as well as women who have reached menopause are at a higher risk of having brittle bones. This means that their bones can break even when subjected to limited pressure. By boosting the progesterone levels in your body, you will help to stimulate your bone-building cells. In the end, the rate of bone formation in your body will increase significantly.

Relieving some brain issues 
Progesterone has been found to relieve migraines, reduce stress and a mental state of mild confusion known as brain fog.
As much as you will be keen on boosting progesterone levels, you should avoid any imbalance that could result in disease. Proferia dermal progesterone is a natural cream with no known side effects, will produce natural results and allows for easy application.