Physics is completely measurements of all objects

The physics subject is basically measurements of all objects and space related products, so the student should have good grasping power to remember all the numeric numbers plus other things, in that case, a student can be bright in the subject, the class teacher will focus all the students only to remember every inches and numeric tables, but the class teacher will not go very deep in the subject, because of the teaching pressure at the same time, the tuition teacher is different and the teacher is working with the subject all the twenty four hours and helping the student to understand the subject very deeply, even the poor student will be the better student when the student cooperate with the tuition teacher. In such a case, a student could provide all the physics answers with the support of the tuition teacher, of course the tuition teacher has all the needed maps and diagrams for all the students, and that is the reason the tuition teacher differs from the class teacher. The theories are very important in the physics lesson, so the theory must have to be simple and easy to understand. In this part only the tuition teacher can provide all the required tools for the students to understand the subject easily.

Theories should have to be simplified for all the students

Any theory related to math or physics would be hard to study, at the same time when it is simplified, any student would be in a position to understand the theory and work on the subject with the remembrance of the theory. If the theory is not in the mind of the student he would never complete the exam with the success the success in the exam is important and at the same time, when the student remembers all the theories even after the exam, he could take the subject as his profession, because he knows all the things in the subject.