How To Tell Your Caterer About Special Diet Demands Of Your Guests

If you have guests that have special diet demands, it is important that you inform your caterers in Virginia as soon as possible. They can make the necessary adjustments with the menu such as providing the guests with dietary restrictions an alternative for when your event comes along.

Trying to tell your caterer that they should expand on what you’ve already chosen as your menu is sometimes a tough ordeal. It creates tension between the planner and the caterer that is sometimes unnecessary. Lack of communication can stem from that particular tension which could cause a lot of issues for the event.

Tell Your Caterer In Advance

When telling your caterer about the special diet demands of your guests, it is important that you do so in advance. Catering isn’t something that can be adjusted within a day. It is important that the caterer has ample time to make necessary modifications to ensure that the menu doesn’t fall apart because of one adjustment.

The special diet demands of your guests may also be something that requires a lot of effort. For example, someone who is allergic to nuts can’t simply eat something that doesn’t visually contain nuts. The food that they eat has to be prepared in a kitchen that was fully cleaned prior to cooking alternative food.

This is done because the allergens can still carry over especially if there are foods that were cooked early on which may have contained said allergens. For a caterer, it is important to know this so the timing of when to cook and how meals should be prepared can be accounted for.

Find Out About Special Diet Demands

Knowing the different special diet demands and familiarizing yourself with them can make the decision making a lot easier for the menu. You will also be able to empathize with your caterer when telling them about the decision to scrap a choice in the menu that you added early on.

Below are some special diet demands that you should know about:

Nut allergy – It is a hypersensitivity to tree nuts and can cause the person allergic to nuts react with severe symptoms in their immune system if any nut is consumed.

Lactose intolerance – It is the inability of a person’s body to digest lactose which is found in dairy products like milk.

Vegan diet – It is a diet that eliminates all animal products from the diet.

Vegetarian diet – It is a diet that follows a plant-based diet. However, certain meat and fish are exempted.

Celiac disease – It is an autoimmune condition where the body is unable to tolerate any amount of gluten.

Empathizing with both the person who has a special diet demand and the caterer is good when trying to come up with something to perhaps replace a choice on the menu. As long as the caterers in Virginia can work with certain limitations, then your guests won’t have anything to worry about so they can simply enjoy your event including the food served.

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