How Does a Car Air Purifier Work?

Whether you drive a sophisticated, modern and technologically superior car or a smaller one, the roads are the same being choked with pollution. Pollutants are omnipresent and in fact, the amount of pollutants in a confined space like a car cabin is often more than those present outside.

In such a scenario, all you can do is keep the interiors of your car clean by investing in a good car air purifier available in the market. Till the time a long-term solution is found for the pollution problem, you can rely on these purifiers. There are several car air purifiers that promise to get rid of 99% toxic gases and fine particles present in the car cabin’s air.

The best car air purifier available in the market is equipped with HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) technology, which has a 3-stage filtration process. This ensures that even the foul odour is eradicated along with all the harmful pollutants present inside the car.

Here’s how the 3-stage purification process of a car air purifier work to purify the cabin air and make it feel fresh and clean.


Of the 3 stages of purification, pre=filter is the first line of defence which takes care of those floating particles that are visible in the air. This includes pollutants like pet hair and large dust particles. All these visible particles get sucked in during this first purification stage.

Activated Carbon Filter

The car cabin is also laden with different unpleasant odours. To neutralize these odours, which generally comprises of cigarette smoke and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), activated carbon filter comes into the picture. This layer of defence not only eliminates the odours but also takes care of some of the toxic gases and fine particles present inside the vehicle.

HEPA Filters

These filters are the most advanced dust collection technology available till date. They are capable of removing all the SPM (Suspended Particulate Matter) and PM 2.5 present in the indoor air. These filters actually have a fine mesh in them in which any pollutant of size 0.3 microns or higher get trapped. As most of the pollutant molecules fall in this size range, HEPA filters are known to remove nearly 99% of the pollutants present in the air.

The best car air purifier uses this three-stage purification process to make the air in the car’s cabin fresh and clean for you to breathe in. If you are still contemplating over whether you need it or not, you should know that confined closed spaces are normally 5 to 6 times more polluted than the open outdoor environment.

Even if you spend around an hour in your car commuting from one place to another, you breathe in this toxic air, which can be detrimental for your health. If you are using your car on a daily basis for commuting, it is highly recommended to go for it and protect yourself by breathing in clean air.