Fundraising ideas to cover medical expenses for any disease

From doctor’s bills, to expensive medications and diagnostic tests, diseases like heart disease,  cancer, kidney disease, or diabetes devastate millions of lives every year. Inability to get the financial help for patients often leads to lost hopes, and sufferers just giving up.

But today thankfully, there are newer and more innovative ways to raise funds for medical  treatment of any disease in India, crowdfunding India being one of them, that are not only easier and faster, but also come without the long-term implications such as interests on loan.

So here are 5 ways, you can raise funds for your loved one who is fighting a major disease:

Online crowdfunding campaign

Today there are several crowdfunding India platforms to raise money for medical treatment. With crowdfunding you use the internet to reach out to potential donors, and ask people to donate for your treatment costs. All you have to do is create a powerful campaign story, attach photos and videos that may enhance your narrative, and share your campaign with the world, specifically focusing your communications on those who are able to donate. Once your campaign is put out to the people, anyone who connects with your cause, will donate and help you fight the disease.

A fundraising event for cancer patients

There are various kinds of charity events that you can organize, to have people come together for a good cause. Some ideas for medical fundraisers are: charity runs for patients, musical concerts, bake sales, etc. All you have to do is mobilize the crowd by inviting them to your event. Let them know about the disease, how long you’ve been fighting it, and which treatment can save your life. Not only does it provide financial help for the patient, but it is also allows people to be part of a fun activity.

The power of virality on social media

Remember the ALS ice bucket challenge? Within 2 days, everyone was aware about the disease. It became so viral, that celebrities and famous personalities were doing the challenge on social media, and asking people to donate for the cause. That was one of the most successful viral fundraising activities that ever took place to raise awareness for a disease.

Direct donations from your family and friends

Your family and friends are your closest and most supportive network. Since they know you personally, they will surely step forward to help you raise money for your treatment. These are the people who care for you most, and want to see you get better, so don’t hesitate in contacting them for help.

NGOs, private trusts, and government schemes

There are several associations for medical aid, and survivors of major diseases or disabilities, that give financial assistance to people who cannot afford treatment. Aside from that, there are also several government schemes, which help sufferers with grants, to pay for expensive treatments.

Suffering from a disease is never easy, and adding to the sorrow is the struggle that families go through to raise sufficient funds for treatment. The most important thing is to not give up hope and to employ these innovative methods in emerging out safe and sound.