Four Key Features of Interior Glass Doors

Interior glass doors offer many advantages over traditional wood or metal. This includes the choice of glass, hardware, security options, and a versatile design look. Read on to learn more.

Glass Choices

Interior glass doors have come a long way from their aggressively frosted ancestors. Clear glass allows people to see in or out while still maintaining privacy. Heavily frosted glass lets warm, gentle light pour in and out but does not allow anyone to see into the room. Partially or lightly frosted glass splits the difference here and is perfect for communal spaces like kitchens. It creates a cozy but still welcoming look. When choosing frosted glass, you can also pick a pattern to the frosting which lets you match the door to your design style.

Hardware Options

Hardware includes everything from door handles to hinges or tracks and more. The style of door you choose will narrow down which hardware is appropriate, but you have plenty of options to create different looks here. For instance, gleaming stainless steel hardware creates a clean, sleek, modern feel that works with kitchens and clinics. For a more casual or relaxed look, consider brass hardware or textured metals with tinted finishes. This creates a more homey appearance, a good fit for restaurants and some business use.

Enhancing Business Security

Enhancing security in a company setting comes down to controlling and monitoring who can access what part of the business. Interior glass doors come in a variety of styles to match different security levels. Simple sliding or opening doors may be a good fit for the cafeteria. Doors with a lock may work well for the utility closet. Keyless entry systems and heavily frosted glass create a secure space for confidential document storage or discussing sensitive topics with clients.

Refreshing Your Office Design

One fairly quick and inexpensive way to update the look of your current business setup is by switching from wooden to glass doors. This will immediately create a more modern and open feel. The room will also appear more bright and spacious. If you purchase partitions or dividers at the same time, you can coordinate them with the doors. Some glass doors open by sliding on tracks, letting them glide out of the way and two rooms visually combined into one. This also works great in areas like narrow hallways, so the door doesn’t obstruct movement.

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