Dealing with Employment Issues

A smooth functioning workplace is essential to the growth and success of your company. To meet this aim, you must have a satisfied workplace. You do your best to be a fair, decent, and honest employer. You constantly assess the needs of the people who work for you and make changes that will increase their happiness at work and thus their productivity. However, you can’t please everyone. And a complaint may eventually lead to a lawsuit. When this happens, you need a business lawyer.

Managing the Situation

A lawyer such as the ones found at can help you manage employment disputes. It is important to stay ahead of these conflicts as they can flair up and become major media stories. It may be possible to sit down with the employee who has made the complaint and resolve the matter through mediation. If this is not possible, your lawyer may advise that it is more cost-effective to settle the matter with money. It is important to make your decision only after all the facts have been considered and thought-through.

Common Employment Issues

Some of the most common employee-related issues you will have to deal with include:

-Allegations of unlawful discrimination or harassment under Title VII
-Allegations of wage or hour violations under the Fair Labor Standards Act
-Allegations of wrongful termination or unlawful retaliation
-Allegations of health or safety violations under the Occupational Safety and Health Act
-Violations of non-compete agreements
-Sharing of trade secrets

Of all these, wrongful termination for discrimination or retaliation will probably give you the most headache. It is the one that can damage the morale of your workforce and result in negative press coverage.

How an Attorney Can Help

If an employee has filed a lawsuit against your company for wrongful termination and it has taken you by surprise, you can assume there has been a breakdown in communications somewhere in your company. Such matters do not spring up out of nowhere. And one of the first things you may want to task your lawyer with is carrying out an in-depth investigation. Before you make any serious moves on the lawsuit you must have all the facts. Having an experienced business lawyer do it is the best way to ensure that it is fair and thorough. If it turns out there is something to the complaint, then you will be able to take immediate action against the perpetrator, restore the person to their job, and make any reasonable financial restitution they request.

If the complaint turns out to be false, your lawyer will be just as aggressive in getting the case dismissed and the plaintiff to back down and make a formal apology.

You need to assert yourself from the very beginning of such a complaint. The only way to do that is by bringing aboard a determined, experienced, and highly-skilled business lawyer. They will help you navigate the dangerous shoals of the employment issues, and they will provide your company with effective solutions.


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