Can You Still Eat Cheat Meals When Attempting to Lose Weight

Eating meat can help to lose weight fast, if the right meats are eaten. Actually, eating certain meats will help with the weight loss process as it provides a sense of satisfaction and a feeling of fullness for longer times. Meats also balance carbohydrates, which help prevent spikes in insulin that can cause sugar cravings and drain energy. In addition, because meat is a high source of protein it helps prevent muscle loss during the process of burning fats.

Studies have shown that when protein levels are increased it adds a boost to individuals who are dieting as it speeds up the burning of fats while preventing muscle loss. Experts suggest that when dieting individuals should consume 25 to 35 percent of high quality protein. The question is can I still eat it meats, Meats that are excellent sources are turkey and chicken without the skin, shellfish and fish that are not fried and lean red meat. Eating these meats will not only help to shed pounds quickly, but will increase energy levels and provide a healthier body. Other foods that are of high quality protein include low fat cottage cheese and egg whites that are low in calories, contain no cholesterol and are loaded with protein.

Although meats are good for helping to lose weight fast, individuals should not overindulge in these foods. Keeping the proportions below 35 percent as well as consuming a balanced diet that contains some carbohydrates and fats will ensure a safe and healthy diet program. Dieters should also drink plenty of water as this is especially important in the weight loss process and it suppresses the appetite as well. It also helps the liver and kidneys process waste products quicker.

Most people despise dieting because it means restriction on some of their favorite junk food. While eating a regular diet of junk food is not a good idea for anyone, it isn’t impossible to get away with eating a cheat meal every now and then without the guilt. When you allow yourself a favorite meal, chances are you will stick to eating healthy food for the long run.

The key to cheating with a junk food meal is to eat a healthy diet at least 90% of the time. You must become disciplined enough to eat properly each day to afford yourself the opportunity to get away with eating the cheeseburger, pizza, ice cream, or whatever it is you consider your favorite junk food meal.

When you are eating clean 90% of the time, it won’t become a big deal to eat poorly once a week. Clean eating consists of whole, natural food. You also avoid white flour, refined sugar, salt, and alcoholic beverages. You may even find that eating junk once a week gets the cravings out of your system. Often, you may discover that once you consume the cheat meal, you won’t want to touch junk for longer periods of time. Others may splurge on their favorite meals and then revert back to their old eating habits.

The way to keep disciplined is to build your new healthy eating habits into a lifestyle. It shouldn’t be something that you do when you feel like it. It has to be a daily habit. After a period of time (usually a month), you will begin to choose healthy options naturally. Here are some tips for developing a good healthy eating habit:

Get motivated by following other healthy eaters on Facebook or Twitter

Find inspiration – this could be a celebrity, professional trainer, athlete, etc.

Get educated – learn how to eat healthy and become an expert

Practice – prepare your own meals regularly

21 days – stick with your new habit for at least 21 days. This is the default time for creating any new habit

Once healthy eating becomes a habit, the occasional cheat meal will not disrupt your progress. In fact, it may keep you happy in the long run because you will no longer feel deprived of your favorite junk food.