Botox specialist Agoura Hills Presents: 3 Fundamental Principles of a Botox Procedure

How did Botox start? Botulinum toxin (Botox) is a substance that has been used to treat a variety of medical conditions for over 50 years. Initially, doctors used Botox to treat blepharospasm, wryneck, and strabismus. We spoke to a Botox specialist Agoura Hills to help us understand the procedure in details. Here is a summary.

How to Prepare a Botox Injection

Botox manufacturers provide a crystalline material which doctors reconstitute with a saline liquid. They add certain quantities of the liquid to every vial. If a Botox specialist adds excess fluid, it reduces the concentration of Botox in the solution. It is crucial to have the right dosage to achieve the desired results. Some clinics claim to offer Botox at a certain price per unit. It is likely that they provide a dose which is highly diluted rather than the agreed amount.

Botox Procedure

During the procedure, a doctor places a patient on an exam table in a raised position. They cleanse the target areas with non-alcohol cleansers such as Betadine and Hibiclens. Later, they apply topical anesthetics such as EMLA cream before injecting the drug.

Standard injection patterns comprise up to ten areas on your forehead and six on the eye area. A skilled physician can inject more regions depending on your desired effect and wrinkles. Typically, they apply pressure in areas which bleed after the Botox injection rather than using ice blocks.

After injection, you will lay upright on the table for several minutes to recover. It is advisable not to lie down for four hours after the procedure. If bruising occurs, avoid taking naproxen, aspirin, and ibuprofen to minimize bruising. Some physicians advise patients to exercise the affected area for several days and to avoid strenuous activities to prevent bruising.

Botox Results

Botox results are evident after a week. A Botox specialist Agoura hills might take photos before treatment to monitor your progress. Surprisingly, most people forget how they were before the injection. It is crucial to note that the procedure does not erase lines. Instead, it reduces them. Superficial lines dissipate after a while.

Sometimes, it is necessary to have further procedures, including use of Juvederm, Perlane, Sculptra and Restylane to reduce wrinkles. Also, you might need three Botox treatment sessions to treat deep lines. Most physicians combine Botox procedure with fillers to reduce wrinkles between your eye creases. Nevertheless, some people claim that the procedure blocks blood vessels that interfere with smooth blood circulation.

Whether you are suffering from a migraine or wryneck, a Botox specialist Agoura hills can restore your health. Ruth Swissa Professional Permanent Makeup and Skin has certified cosmetic specialists and physicians who help patients achieve the desired results. Call us today at +1(818)735-8818 for a free consultation.