5 Types of Low-Maintenance Plants that Can Make Your Garden Look Well-Maintained

A landscaped garden can certainly boost a property’s curb appeal. It also improves the quality of air and temperature in the surrounding area, and fosters a healthy ecological environment through pollination. The best part is, having a well-maintained garden can also provide you with a haven where you can unwind and relieve stress.

With the help of a reliable landscaping service company, you can enjoy all these benefits and more, especially if you choose to plant low-maintenance foliage. As the name suggests, this type of flora requires little time, effort, and money to maintain without risking having your garden looking unkempt.

To help you keep the garden in your property looking well-maintained without too much hassle, here is a list of expert-recommended plants you can cultivate in it:

1. Cacti and Succulents

In the past, cacti and succulents were only found in deserts and warm regions. However, modern gardening paved the way for this prickly type of vegetation to become popular. These ornamental plants do well in warm climates without requiring much watering.

Cacti can be distinguished through the modified buds known as “areoles.” This is where their thorns usually grow from. On the other hand, succulents often appear smoother except for some varieties that also sport thorns.

To achieve a wonderful landscape using cacti and succulents, you can have your trusted landscaper arrange these plants in a garden fountain design. This is basically a tub filled with a carefully-placed succulent-and-cacti combo with a blue-tinged Echeveria peacockii as the centerpiece.

2. Groundcover Plants or Living Mulch

If you’re looking for a way to prevent weeds from overtaking your garden and reduce water usage, you should try having ground-covering plants in place of your plain old mulch. Some examples of this include the Myoporum parvifolium, more popularly called creeping boobialla or creeping myoporum, and the Cerastium tomentosum, also known as blue chalk or snow-in-summer.

3. Perennial Shrubs and Flowers

A flower garden won’t be complete without perennial plants. Since you’re after low-maintenance landscaping, it is a good idea to ditch annuals that need to be replanted every year and go for flowers that bloom every single year.

  • Generally, perennial plants like the tall and hardy hibiscus and the sturdy daylilies require little maintenance. In fact, daylilies are considered the perfect choice for newbies who want to have their garden spruced up with very minimal plant casualty since this plant can thrive under almost every situation.
  • If you want a beautiful hedge or feature plant, you can choose tough shrubs like the rosemary officinalis and lavender avonview, both of which require little maintenance.

However, it is important to note that certain perennial flowers still need to be maintained, albeit minimally. One important task that may need to be accomplished periodically is dividing perennials to keep your patch of flowery goodness robust.

4. Re-Flowering Plants

Some perennial plants, like the bleeding heart, can also serve as a great addition to your low-maintenance landscaped garden since they offer a subsequent batch of blooms after the first batch of blossoms fade away.

Commonly found in Siberia, Korea, Japan, and northern China, the bleeding heart requires deadheading—or the removal of the flower stem just below the faded flower and right above the new bud to support the new bloom and growth of healthy leaves.

Other repeat-flowering blooms you can try are the peachy-pink English rose called Rosa ‘A Shropshire Lad’ (the English rose which exudes a strong and fruity scent); the Rosa ‘Dortmund’ which is a great choice for landscaping with bright red colored plants; and the Iris ‘White City’ which ages from a pale azure hue to a pearly white color.

5. Modern Garden Plants

Modern garden plants like the cordyline can complement flowering centerpieces of your landscaped garden, thanks to its long, dark and strappy leaves. Also known as the burgundy spire, this vegetation can provide wonderful contrasting foliage with the brightly-colored flowers and the generally green living mulch in your low-maintenance garden. The best part is, it also requires minimal care and attention—much like the rest of your garden.

Other garden plants that can offer a modern vibe to your property without requiring too much attention and care include the fortnight lily (Dietes grandiflora), basket grass (Lomandra longifolia), the Philodendron Winterbourn (Philodendron xanadu), and cycads.

Ready to Not Maintain Your Well-Maintained Garden?

Having a garden can offer you various benefits, ranging from boosting property value, adding curb appeal to serving as a stress-reliever. With the help of professional landscaping services, you can enjoy all these by choosing a combination of plants that require little care while staying healthy and beautiful through the seasons.